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Outdoor Split-Core


Taehwatrans TQP series, outdoor split core CTs, provide either 1A or 5A output current and are designed to monitor outdoor conductors in distribution lines. The current transformer design for these current transformers is such that they can convert an AC input current of up to 800A amperes into an output of 5A or 1A depending on customer requirements. TQP series adopt sophisticated core corrosion proof design for outdoor use. Our outdoor split core CTs are IP67 protection rating and UV resistant with excellent accuracy. The accuracy spread is from 0.5 to 1.0 class in different current ratings with the burden of 1.0VA to 2.5VA. It is easily installed without disconnecting the primary conductors so as to continue the metering service to the electronic metering system. It is mostly applied in the pole top current transformer monitoring connected to the commercial & industrial meter. The window size is 3,000mm2 with 50mm x 60mm rectangle shape. The lightweight & easy installation will be another critical advantage compared to market competitions.

Outdoor Split Core transformer Features Image


- Utility pole probe monitoring & management
- Power Distribution line monitoring
- Outdoor distribution board and panel
- Outdoor distribution transformer monitoring


- Outdoor rating IP65 and IP67
- UV stabilized thermoplastic.
- Accuracy Class 0.5~1.0(1.0VA to 2.5VA) compliant to IEC61869-2
- Hi-potential voltage 10kV per min.
- Small size, light-weight, simple Installation
- Over-voltage protection circuits


TQP Series Drawing

Electrical Property & Dimension

F : 50/60Hz

Specification Spec
Current Rating Secondary Output Standard Accuracy IP Rating/UV Resistance Dimensions(mm)
Window Width Height Thickness
200A 5A, 1A 0.5~1.0
(Burden: 1.0~2.5VA)
67/UV Protective 50 X 60 90 121 34
300A 5A, 1A
400A 5A, 1A
600A 5A, 1A
800A 5A, 1A

Outdoor Split-Core CT