Rogowski Coils

Rogowski coil Sensors are applied to electrical devices that measure up to thousands of amp AC (alternating current) for power meters, energy sub meters, condition monitoring, power quality monitoring as well as distributed measurement systems and current spike detection. No iron or other metal core is involved in the construction. What is critical is the diameter of the coil, the winding density and the rigidity of the winding, which help to preserve immunity to the various external fields.

Rogowski Coil Sensors Application

- Smart Recloser on Distribution Line
- Electronic Sectionalizer
- Smart Grid Application
- High Current Energy Meters & Protection Relay
- Harmonics Measurement Sensors
- Air Circuit Breakers & Smart Reclosers
- Gas Insulation Switch Gear
- AC Component Fault Detector out of DC Current
- High Frequency High Current Measurements
- High Current Welding Machines

General Features

- Meeting International Standard IEC 61869-10
- Excellent Linearity & Precision
- Steady Phase Shift & No Saturation in DC factor
- Stability from External Magnetic Field
- Possible to adopt the immunity of DC Magnets
- High Potential Voltage unto 4.0 kV per min
- RoHS Compliant


Rigid Rogowski Coils


Flexible Rogowski Coils


MV Flexible Rogowski coils


Clamp-on Rogowski Coils

Best in class accuracy with winding isolation.