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Smart Grid     Contents

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                 Current Transformers for Smart Grid
 Accurate Sensing  2011   Energy Metering and Monitoring Solutions

 Earned "the Best Quality Award" by
 Japan's largest electric company

                                                    Supreme Accuracy Current Transformers                4
                                                         I. Supreme Low Current Sensitivity
 Selected as a Frontier company by                       Ⅱ. Excellent Linearity & Stability
 provincial government
                                                         Ⅲ. Multi-Harmonics Accuracy Metering
                                                         Ⅵ. Isolation Voltage Measurement
  2007                                                   Ⅴ. Inverter Switching & Arc Plasma Monitoring

 Established Taehwat『ans America Inc,
 in greater Chicago area                            DC Immune Current Transformers                       10

 2000                                               Protection Purpose Precision Current Transformers    13

 Desig nated as supreme performance
 company by Industrial Bank of KOREA                Miniature Split Core Current Transformers            18

                                                    Busbar Split Core Current Transformers               20
 Selected as Korean Best product by
 Samsung Global Mall                                Outdoor Split Core Current Transformers              22

 1998                                               Rigid Rogowski Coils                                 24
 Selected as an export promising company by              I. Miniature Rogowski Coils
 government institution & small business corporation     Ⅱ.  ACB & GIS  Application Rogowski Coils
                                                         Ⅲ. Switch Gear Application Rogowski Coils (Model : TFR610)
                                                    Flexible & Clamp-On Rogowski Coils                   28
 Acquired an award & export achievement merit
 from Korea Trade Association                            I. Flexible Rogowski Coils
                                                         Ⅱ. Clamp-on  Rogowski Coils
                                                    Zero Phase Current Transformers                      32
 Initiated overseas sales and promotion

 1985                                               Ground Fault Current Transformers                    35
 Incorporated Taehwatrans Co. LTD
                                                    Special Purpose Current Transformers                 38

 Founded by the name of Taehwa Industry
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